From:               Gerry Leblanc, President, Baseball Atlantic

Date:               June 8th, 2020

RE:                  Status – 2020 Baseball Atlantic Championships

Dear Baseball Atlantic Membership,

At its core, Baseball Atlantic strives to offer the best programming possible at all of its Championships. Our four member provinces – Baseball Newfoundland and Labrador, Baseball Prince Edward Island, Baseball Nova Scotia and Baseball New Brunswick – share in this same goal. It is this commonality that makes Baseball Atlantic a true leader in Atlantic-level amateur sports.

As we have seen since March, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we lead our lives in every facet. No longer can we once do the things we took for granted. Other activities or hobbies have been altered in ways that we now need to adjust to – a “new normal”. This “new normal” will no doubt take some adjustment period, but I am confident we will all make the necessary adjustments to safely get back to our day-to-day lives.

At a recent virtual meeting of the Baseball Atlantic Executive – consisting of the Baseball Atlantic President and four Provincial Presidents with the support of their respective Executive Directors – the topic of the 2020 Baseball Atlantic Championships was discussed in detail. While we are all happy that it appears each province will get the chance to play some baseball this summer, there are great considerations that need to be made with respect to Baseball Atlantic Championships. Travel considerations, public health directives within each province, and ultimately the safety of everyone involved in a Baseball Atlantic Championship – players, coaches, officials, parents, and volunteers – are all factors that need great consideration. While the current conditions in each province were informative and discussed, admitted unknowns and the ultimate health and safety of everyone involved weighed greatly into the decision-making process when coming to a final result on the fate of 2020 Baseball Atlantic Championships.

With these considerations in mind, it has been decided that the 2020 Baseball Atlantic Championships have been cancelled. This decision was not one made lightly, but we as a collective feel this is the best decision considering these extraordinary circumstances. With health and safety being at the core of this decision, we feel confident that this decision will not only put at ease and potential concerns for players, parents and officials, but also for the hosts and their volunteers. The timing of this decision also allows our host provinces to best plan and prepare their provincial seasons in whatever fashion it ends up being. The unknowns in truly not knowing what direction COVID-19 will take in each province also makes this decision the best one at this time. While this decision is not the one we wanted to make, ultimately we feel it is the one we had to make.

Baseball Atlantic looks forward to 2021 when we can once again offer a great Championship season that is reflective of the values and ideals Baseball Atlantic strives to offer its members. It is with that core message in mind that we look forward to seeing you all at the various ballparks throughout your respective province, and Atlantic Canada as a whole.

Until that time, continue to stay safe and practice the public health measures and directives within each of your provinces to ensure we are all able to get back on the field as quickly and safely as possible.

Gerry Leblanc


Baseball Atlantic