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Further to the Annual General Meeting of the Board of Baseball Atlantic held in Halifax on November 24, 2019, the members agreed to the additions, changes, and amendments to the Baseball Atlantic Tournament Manual and operations as follows:

1. To facilitate the reporting of tournament game results, Host committee will be required to complete the Championship Scoring Report at the end of each day and forward it to the Provincial Baseball Association office. The data will be entered on the Baseball Atlantic web site by the office. A sample of the Championship Scoring Report can be found on Page 30 of the Baseball Atlantic Championship Tournament Manual.

2. Host Committees will be required to post on the Baseball Atlantic Twitter page the game results in a timely fashion. Host Committees will be provided access and procedures as detailed on Page 31 of the Baseball Atlantic Championships Tournament Manual.

3. Team rosters for Atlantic Championships shall be forwarded to the Provincial Baseball Association offices. The Provincial Baseball Association will then send the rosters to the Host Committee of the respective championships.   

4. The Provincial Baseball Associations will be responsible to appoint a Baseball Atlantic Representative at all championships to assist the host committee in overseeing the tournament. In situations where a representative cannot be identified, the Provincial Baseball Association office shall assume that role.  

5. Tournament schedules have been revised in which all teams will have one home and one away game each day during the round robin portion of the tournament.

6. Tournament schedules have been revised in which the host committee can choose the day and time of the opening ceremonies. Length of time of opening ceremonies shall not be any longer than 20 minutes.  

7. In the event of a tie during round robin games, extra innings will begin with runners on 1st and 2nd base with no outs for all extra innings until a winner is determined. Tournament manual (P.15) outlines the game procedures and this tournament rule shall not apply to tie-breaker, playoff or championship games.

8. Changes to the player pick-up rules where at the 18U AA level, all provinces are limited to a maximum of three pick-ups for the championships.

9. Baseball Canada new pitch count rules shall apply to Baseball Atlantic Championships with one adjustment to the new rules. Since Baseball Atlantic championships are 3-day events, and not 4-day events (Baseball Canada), the maximum pitch count of a pitcher shall be over three (3) days.

10. An appendix has been added to the tournament manual which provides interpretations, with examples, of the new pitch count rules for Baseball Atlantic championships.