Further to the Annual General Meeting of the Board of Baseball Atlantic held in Halifax on December 2nd, 2018, the members agreed to the additions, changes, and amendments to the Baseball Atlantic Tournament Manual and operations as follows:

1. Teams attending the 14U Girls Championships shall be permitted over age players (turning age 15) as follows; a maximum of two (2) players per attending team from Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, and three (3) players per attending team from New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

2. Provincial Baseball Associations have agreed to use a standard registration (roster) form for teams attending the championships. This will facilitate the addition of players to the roster. The form will be available from the Provincial Baseball Association.

3. Teams at the 11U, 13U (except 13U AAA), 15U category will be allowed two (2) pick-up players from other teams from the same age and or lower skill category within their own province. There is no change to the current practice of pick-ups for the 18U category.

4. Amendments have been made to the playing schedules to clearly identify the playing schedule for the provincial champions of the hosting province. The term “Host” has been removed and replaced by Team 1 and Team 2. Team 2 shall be the provincial champions, which can be the host team.

5. The Board of Baseball Atlantic has sent a recommendation to Baseball Canada Championship Committee to amend the National Atlantic 13U AAA schedule to incorporate quarter-final games. This will eliminate the situation of teams being eliminated after the first day of games played and at the same time have more teams still compete in the playoffs towards the championship game.

6. A pitcher, nearing a pitch count rule threshold, shall be permitted to finish the batter and thrown pitches over the threshold amount shall not be charged to the pitcher’s total pitches as it pertains to the pitch count rest period. The condition is that the coach notifies the umpire, in advance, that the pitcher is throwing to his last batter. This will eliminate the removal of a pitcher during a batter’s at bat due to the pitcher reaching a pitch count threshold. Additional details is available in the tournament manual.  

7. Where a team goes undefeated during round robin play and all other teams have at least two losses, the undefeated team must be beaten twice and the undefeated team shall have the choice of home game for both games if two games are played.

8. In the event of an intentional walk, the pitcher is not required to throw any pitches to the batter. The coach shall notify the umpire and the batter shall proceed to 1st base. If any pitches were thrown to the batter, only those pitches shall count towards the pitcher’s pitch count.

9. At the 15U AA and AAA categories, the Baseball Canada “Extended Hitter-(EH)” rule can be used. In general, a team has a choice to add another batter anywhere in the batting order. His position assignment on the line-up card shall be “EH”. The player can be assigned to multiple positions on the field during the game. In other words, the “EH” can be the shortstop and the former shortstop shall assume the “EH” position assignment with no change to the batting order. Additional details are provided in the tournament manual.                                                 

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