Further to the Annual General Meeting of the Board of Baseball Atlantic held in Halifax on December 9th, 2017, the members agreed to the additions, changes, and amendments to the Baseball Atlantic Tournament Manual as follows:

1. Provincial Baseball Association shall forward the team roster electronically to the host committee, with a copy to the host Provincial Baseball Association, no later than 5:00pm (AST) on the Monday before the championships. Otherwise, a late submission fine of $50/day will be issued to the Provincial Baseball Association.

2. Tournament sites listed in the tournament manual has been updated to include the locations for each division from 2019-2022. Each province shall host each division championship once with the exception of the 14U Girls Championships.

3. Five team draw schedule now show that all teams shall play two games on the first day of the championships, regardless if one or two playing fields are used for said championship.

4. In the event of inappropriate conduct of coaches, players and teams, suspension guidelines have been added to the tournament manual.

5. The parties affected by disciplinary actions issued as a result of conduct at an championship shall have the right to an appeal.

6. Five team schedule, where one field only is used, has changed to ensure all teams play two games on the first day.

7. Playing rules for 14U Girls Championships have been added to the Tournament manual.

8. For 2018 championships only(pilot), 15U AA Atlantic Championships shall be an 8 teams event, whereas each province shall send its provincial championship and runner-up teams with the exception of the host province. The host province shall be represented by their provincial champions and the host team selected to host the event. A schedule has been approved and sent to the Provincial Baseball Associations.

9. Baseball Atlantic is pleased to advise that its new web site is currently under construction and the Provincial Baseball Associations will be advised once it is completed.

10. Tournament Report to be submitted to the President of Baseball Atlantic has been revised. Provincial Baseball Associations were provided a copy of the report.

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